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Our company has two modern production areas which we analyze in detail now.




The creation of the vacuum is one of the most important points in the operation of a milking plant. The method of vacuum generation must ensure full respect for the health of animals (ovine, caprine, bovine and buffalos).

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The vacuum is used in different phases of milking:


  • extraction of milk during milking
  • operation of the pulser that ensures the alternation of phases of massage and milking
  • transport of milk through the pipes to the milk line
  • removal of the milking unit
  • actuation of diaphragm valves in many parts of the system

The vacuum also determine the mechanical action of the washing solutions of the system. The vacuum level in a milking system must be b, stable and constant in order to avoid excessive stress to the teats.


CTA milk's vacuum pumps, thanks to the machining operations carried out with numerical control machines and the stringent tests ensure, at the same power consumption, higher capacities and greater durability. CTA milk's vacuum pumps can satisfy the needs of all milking systems. The practical and compact design of our vacuum pumps, allow easy installation and minimum servicing.




The operation of the first two groups is based essentially on the rotor provided with vanes which rotates eccentrically in a stator, producing and maintaining the vacuum.

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CTA milk provides different vacuum pumps including:


  • dry vacuum pumps - from 180 to 280 n.l./min.
  • lubricate vacuum pumps with capillary oil system or drip oil system - from 250 to 3300 n.l./min.
  • dry vacuum pumps BLW model - from 3300 to 6000 n.l./min.


dry vacuum pumps (up to 280 n.l./min.)

In the dry vacuum pumps does not use lubricating oils, but through the use of graphite vanes exploits the powder (self-lubricating) generated by the rubbing of the graphite vanes with the stator. The capacity of the pumps is between 180 and 280 nl / min

lobe vacuum pumps (blower)

The Vacuum Pumps BLW CTA milk have high performance and are very solid. The axial suction determines a centrifugation of the gas to which is added the effect of the volumetric lobe pump which determines the high efficiency. They are long-lasting products that ensure maximum reliability with minimal maintenance, it requires only periodic cleaning of the air filter and lubrication of bearings and gears, thus low operating costs.
Are also zero pollution: the pumping principle is totally oil-free and without sealing elements subject to wear. The air in the emission is therefore entirely free of oil mist and fine dust, then to respect for the environment. Another important feature is the low noise, in fact the pumps are equipped with silencers directly to entry and exit and can also be provided with soundproof booth.




  • high performance
  • high efficiency
  • reliability
  • respect for environment
  • low noise
  • low running costs

lubricate vacuum pumps (up to 3300 n.l./min.)

The vacuum pump lubricated CTA milk function with constant lubrication of the rotor (oil bath). The pumps can be equipped with drip oil system (from P.V.1600 to P.V.3300) or a capillary oiler (from the P.V.250 to the P.V.3300). In the first pumps the lubricant is placed in a 10 liter can and is sent to the pump through the drop regulators measuring out the quantity through an adjusting screw. In the second pump lubricant is placed in a container of 600 ml and is sent to the pump through a capillary oiler auto dosed by the use of strips of copper. They can be supplied bare, complete, on bracket or on vacuum tank. Motor coupling is realized by the use of pulleys and transmission belts, protected by a suitable belt guard for the safety of operators. In our pumps are used only high quality materials, starting from cast iron and always choosing the best on the market; Moreover also the various internal components of the pump are of excellent quality, such as belts, bearings and oil seals such as SKF and the vanes in KEVLAR. The capacity of the pumps is between 250 and 3300 nl / min."



  • high performance
  • power
  • reliability
  • low noise level



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